Meet the Team

CSA has developed over the years with the contribution of many people who have invested in our mission and given us the ability to serve and touch many lives. The team at CSA includes more than 15 different nationalities, 27 staff and over 30 volunteers which day after day make sure that CSA is a vibrant, interesting and enjoyable place to be.

CSA works closely with the CSA Board of Directors and the team to continue the development and delivery of CSA’s mission.

Our Staff

General Manager Denden Alcantara

On-Site Services
Public Relations Supervisor
Information Referral Specialist
Information Referral Specialist
Sara Salem
Disna Wijemuni
Natalie Matar
Gift Shop Supervisor Samia Wadman
Gift Shop Coordinator
Gift Shop Coordinator
Cecil Reyes
Mona El Emary
La Boutique Supervisor Lisa Gonzales
La Boutique Coordinator
La Boutique Coordinator
Natalia Zadaionia
Shaymaa Gouda

Bliss Spa Supervisor

Eshie Brioso
 Operations Department
 Operations Manager
 Sherif Hamdy
Programs Department
Programs Development Coordinator
Deliah Adham
REPS Fitness Center
Manager Francesca D'Andrea
Fitness Supervisor
Kim Hampton
Coordinator Joseph Kenyi Mathew
Rasha Tawfik
Pushpa Hossain
REPS Annex Coordinator
REPS Personal Trainer

Maha Salem
Bahaa El Din

Fundraising Department
Events Manager Lama Al Hammuri
Business Development Manager
Riham R. El Mograby
Sara Salem

Finance Department
Finance Manager
Verna Pinto
Finance Administrator Svetlana Kirnasova
Communications Department
Communications Manager
Oasis Magazine Editor
Riham R. El Mograby
Zainab AbdulAziz
Media and Communications Coordinator
Salma El-Shaffei
Information Designer Claudia Dencker
 IT Services Integrated Technology Services
(Karim Abdel Raouf), 01007515123
 Digital Services Tittainment

Our Volunteers

We would like to thank all our volunteers:

Anna Maes, Dominique Krayenbuhl, Jayne Kimmet, Jean Wood, Mona ElEmary, Patricia Verstrepen, Renata Grignani, Renate Shehab, Sherry Khuleif, Sue McDonoughSybille Croiset, Ulrike von Rucker and Virginie Lyko.

Thanks to all supporters

  • Cocacola
  • Dasani
  • Apache Corp
  • Ghaly's Medical Group
  • Drinkies
  • Al Salam International Hospital
  • Ncbis
  • Cleopatra Hotels
  • Conrad Cairo
  • Dusit Thani
  • Caffe Greco