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CSA's REPS Fitness Center is the place to get motivated and stay motivated.

Keeping fit and healthy is the key to living well. REPS Fitness Center and Annex offer an array of activities for the whole family. Check out the new REPS website here.

You will find friendly staff to make you feel at home - perfect for those of you searching for a non-intimidating environment in which to achieve your fitness goals. Our gym is equipped with exceptional equipment to help you be active. Also included in your membership are a fitness assessment and three personal training sessions.

At CSA's REPS Fitness Center and Annex, you will find a welcoming expatriate environment that is the ideal place for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Contact REPS

If you wish to contact REPS, please call CSA Reception at 02-2358 5284 or 02-2358 0754 and ask to be transferred. You can also call directly at 0100-382-9368 / 0120-699-0208. Alternatively, you can contact the REPS Manager at 

10 Reasons to Join REPS

  1. Convenient, social and friendly expatriate atmosphere
  2. Certified instructors
  3. Up-to-date and well-maintained equipment
  4. Flexible and good value memberships with free fitness assessment
  5. Free trials and guest passes
  6. Expert fitness assessment
  7. Comprehensive orientation including 3 workouts with trained instructors
  8. Family and community focus with range of adult's and children’s classes
  9. Wide range of fitness classes appropriate for all levels and all personal fitness goals 
  10.  Community facility available to hire to expatriate groups for activities and social events.
Thanks to all supporters