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  • 98+ nationalities and growing
  • One week access card to CSA for newcomers
  • Free guest passes for your visiting family & friends
  • Exciting benefits, discounts, and priority entrance for members
  • Annual REPS Fitness Center members receive complimentary CSA membership

CSA has a long standing reputation in the community as a provider of services for expatriates to support them in their adaptation to living and working in Cairo. In this spirit, we aspire to keep the image of a “home away from home”. To further achieve the organizational mission and its goals, CSA is going for membership.

This is in answer to:

  • Customer demand
  • Organizational strain
  • Keeping the standard of safety
  • Maintaining the goals and objectives of the organization
  • To better delivering our mission

Membership Objectives and Benefits

  • Improve service to the community
  • Enforce the expatriate traffic flow
  • Fulfill the CSA mission and vision of serving the expatriate community
  • REPS members (1 year+ members) will receive complimentary CSA membership
  • Free WIFI access

  • Better access to the CSA facilities
  • In addition to
  • Benefits at select organizations and businesses.

Application Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Valid passport / ID
  • Personal photo for all adult applicants (18+ years)
  • Membership fees (single / family)

CSA Membership Rules and Policies

  • Applying for membership 
    • All applications will be accepted for review
    • Priorities:
      • Foreign passport holders obtain top priority
      • Yearly REPS members (complimentary CSA membership)
      • Current members in CSA departments (La Boutique, REPS) 
      • Long standing loyal CSA community members
      • Others 
  • Membership applications must be completed and signed, along with a recent passport size picture submitted. All information shared is kept strictly confidential.
  • Annual fees:
    • Single membership – 30 USD
    • Family membership – 50 USD
    • Extra card – 10 USD
    • SPECIAL OFFER: New/renewing annual memberships will have September-December 2017 for free and the card will be issued with expiration December 2018. Otherwise, if you would like to have the card until December 2017, the fee is 25 USD (family) or 15 USD (single).
    • Minimum 3 immediate family members (i.e. 2 parents + 1 child or 1 parent & 2 children) 
    • Children over 18 years pay fee of 10 USD or EGP equivalent
    • Children under 18 years use parents’ membership card
    • Nanny accompanying children will be added to the application
  • Membership cards must be presented at all times upon entering CSA premises
  • During selected on-site CSA organized events, free entry will apply during the designated hours
  • Entry fee for non-members is 15 EGP per day
  • Non-members with scheduled appointments in our various departments have access with show of receipt for the duration of the appointment
  • Non-members wishing to “step-in” to purchase items will be allowed limited timed free access
  • Newcomers: Complimentary one week pass to discover the CSA
  • CSA members may obtain free guest passes for short term visiting family and friends:
    • CSA members are to notify security guards upon entry and may pick up passes at the reception desk.
    • CSA members are kindly asked to leave their membership card at reception to be picked up once the guest passes are returned
  • Prior to 8.45am, free entry will be granted to our coffee lovers. If you wish to stay after 9.00am, membership policies will apply
  • Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Membership will not be frozen for vacation unless on a force majeure situation
  • Expired membership has one week free access after expiration date for renewal
  • Replacing a lost membership card holds a fee of 20 EGP per card
  • CSA reserves the right to cancel / revoke membership at any time without prior notice
  • CSA reserves the right to deny application
  • CSA is a private property: suspected fraud, misrepresentation, abuse, vandalism and violation of CSA rules and regulations, or creating an insurgence or disturbance will result in cancellation of membership
  • CSA reserves the right to change/modify policies at its own discretion without prior notice. Information on the subject is disseminated on appropriate CSA media.
  • All interpretations of CSA rules and regulations shall be at CSA's sole discretion.


Download the application form here.

CSA Membership Application

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