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Globetrotters: The Greek Islands

By Passainte Assem

Where to go in the Greek islands...

For Beaches - Zakynthos (write in italics over image)

Once at Navagio Beach, it will take you sometime to realize that what you see in front of you is not a postcard or an image of a surreal beach overly stylized in Photoshop. Zakynthos is the prettiest and most famous island of the Ionian Sea, known for its crystal waters and sandy beaches, making it the perfect place for turtle breeding. One can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the island from the uphill Venetian Castle.          

For Parties & Boutique Hotels - Mykonos

This picture-perfect island is only open to visitors between April and October, giving locals enough time to refurbish everything on the island during down season. Parties in Mykonos are day and night, so whether you are a morning or a night person, you will find a party to dance your heart away.

For Movie Lovers - Skopelos

This island is one of the three used as Mamma Mia’s feel-good movie filming locations. Haven’t you fallen in love with the up-hill church, Agios Ioannis Sto Kastri, where the wedding ceremony took place? Did you know that in order to reach the church, a bride dressed in her wedding dress, make-up, and hair-do, and her groom with a tuxedo and a pair of tight shoes would have to climb 100 steps in order to reach the alter and get married? Sounds hectic, no?

For Food - Crete

Greek Cuisine is already to-die-for, so you can imagine the delight of enjoying the catch of the day, seafood extravaganzas, fresh veggies & fruits, slow-cooked lamb & freshly baked fluffy desserts. All this paired with locally made Feta cheese, olives, and freshly brewed coffee.    

For Views - Santorini

Santorini is what remains of Kalliste Island; destroyed 3500 years ago by the world’s most explosive volcano Thera. This blue & white beach town features a range of beautiful shores, a tour of the volcano site, and catching a beautiful sunset over the island.

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